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"New Year New Me" Every New Year Motto

Every beginning of year we tend to start writing our resolutions, prepare our plans, and draw outlines on how to achieve our goals. Most years we find ourselves writing the things that were on our list last year, and the year before that. We always ask ourselves why? Why do we still have them on our lists, and did not cross them out, or accomplished them? Well the answer is simple. It is because we didn't create reasonable plans.

We have made ourselves follow "shoulds", and "musts" that we have on us for no reason. We decided that we should do many things at the same time that if thought about clearly will conclude that each thing must take its reasonable amount of time to be able to get done correctly. We believe that it is a must to be successful in all areas of our lives all the same time. Which leads us to stop half way there, and question our abilities, not the plan that we have created to accomplish them.

The problem is not with you, nor your goals. The problem is with the lack of prioritization and planning. We are one month through 2020, I am sure that we have all been in this doubting situation already. I urge you to stop trying to conform to your "shoulds" and "musts" and find the right plan to accomplish you goals in the right way at the right time. Remember a life coach is always there for you when you decide that you need help figuring all of this out.

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