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5 Things To Do If You Want To Love Yourself More

Some people always mistake self love with selfishness. Well to clarify the difference, selfishness is what people tell you that you are when you tend to not care about others if you hurt them, or not. While self love is where you take take care of yourself knowing that you do care not to hurt yourself, nor others.

Self care can be taken in so may forms, and it could be customized for each person as an individual especially if you have a life coach helping you with it. However, there are some things that if are done the mostly help with more, or less all people. These things are:

1) Mirror Talks


Before going out of your room make sure to have 2 minutes for yourself on the mirror to talk to your reflection. Actually take a deep look in the mirror, and try to see what you reflect on yourself, and people. Tell yourself the truth of what you see, and feel. This will help you realize how far you are with accepting how you look, feel, and think.

2) A Day Out


Take yourself out, and do things that you feel happy doing. Even if the thing that makes you happy is having a Big Mac from McDonald's. Going to a spa, having a nice dinner, taking the car, and listening to music, or even staring at the sky because you feel like it.

3) Singing in Your Car


Shouting out the words to a song that means something to you relieves all the stress you have kept inside. Not caring that there will be anyone who tells you you don't know the right words will not be a problem. So just shout out the words you hear!

4) Kick-box!


Take a one hour class, and give that sand bag a lesson it can't forget. Pouring this negative energy you have form all your surroundings helps in building a stronger you. It calms your mind, and soul.

5) Watch your Favourite Show/Movie and Order Food!


Loving yourself doesn't have to be costly, nor full of energy. It could be you, your laptop, and a box of pizza. Giving your body a break from movement, yet making sure you are comfortable in your skin like you haven't in a long time.

Self love starts by trying to have more time with yourself trying to like you. Getting some time off your busy days to know you will be the best thing you ever do. All of that could actually lead you to discover areas of development that you need to work on to love yourself more in a healthier way.


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