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You Know you Miss them, Especially Around the Holidays Season. Don't Fight it.

The holiday season is right around the corner, a lot of gatherings are to happen. A lot of calls, and gifts are being made. Many greetings are being sent. However, on the list for all of that we wish that there are some people who would have still been on them. The myth that says "time heals all wounds" made us believe that if time did not heal us it means something is wrong with us. When in fact the truth is that time doesn't heal us, but in fact time makes us okay with remembering.

You are allowed to miss people who meant something to you. You are allowed to feel hurt when you realize it won't get back to what it used to be on. You need to embrace those feelings in order to let them go. "Pain demands to be felt", if you constantly push away the feeling of missing them it won't help you forget them it will only hunt you even more.

Miss them, write them a letter and don't send it, cry your emotions out, but when you are done remember that them leaving was for the best. During the holidays you have one more option added to the above ones, is that you can try one more time reaching out to them. Become the better person, and try to make whatever happened go away. If it didn't work as expected don't be sad at least you tried, but if it did, know that you just made a great move that changed your life.

Happy holidays you all, and try to make peace with yourself, and your beloved ones.

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